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Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I've been so gosh darn busy lately

So back in April I had left a food truck event and thought to myself that a pet food truck would be awesome. It was just a thought though. Wasn't going to act on it because I didn't have the resources or money to do so. I looked online to see if such a truck existed (for shits and giggles) and ONE did. In Chicago. So anyways, I went on with my life, with that little idea in the back of my head. Then my sister emailed me.
I guess she had just got done reading my blog and she was like you really know a lot about food and food trucks. "How would you like to do a food truck with your sister?" I was like OMFG! I called her immediately. I was like "I just had the best idea for a food truck!!!" I told her my idea, she called me brilliant, and the rest is history.
Well not really history. I'll say that when I'm a millionaire. But after she called me brilliant, genius, and some other really awesome descriptive words, we got to work.
Have any of you ever started your own business? It's freakin hard! I was like it's pet treats, how hard could it be? Between coming up with the name, licensing and taxes and recipes and logos and packaging and most importantly, finding the perfect truck, it has consumed every bit of any extra time I have plus any extra money. Hence, why I haven't been out in a while.

We just hauled the truck back from Georgia on Sunday. Now on top of everything else we have to get the truck road ready. We're hoping that we can have it ready by September. We plan on being at food truck/pet events and dog parks. I can't wait.

You can follow our progress and see our awesome treats on Twitter and facebook.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Brunch under a bridge

Me and Tim woke up one Sunday and decided to go get Brunch from the Big Wheel Truck. I think it was their second weekend doing bunch. We arrived to the truck in the parking lot of Harmon Photo on Ivanhoe Row and let me tell you, their menu on this day is still my favorite. EVERYTHING on it I wanted to eat. Had I had enough money, I would've bought em out. A gun may have worked too.
It was so hard for me to make a decision on what to eat but I did, and I made a good one. I got the Palmetto Creek maple and brown butter sausage w/ local fried duck egg on local green salad. Holy what?! Yes, you heard me. The boyfriend got the Crispy local pork belly and fried egg on an English muffin with onion jam and arugula. Yes, you heard me.Tim's pork belly breakfast samich

I suggested that we eat at the lake across the street but Tim remembered that he saw a spot a little ways down that was by the lake but under a bridge. Sounded cool, so I was down. So we parked under the bridge, got out of the truck and took a seat, ate our food and drank our beers....o yeah, we brought two Yuenglings.Tim's up to no good face?

Both of our meals were amazing but I liked mine the best. It was seriously the most perfect combination of flavors. The sausage mixed with the giant runny egg yolk was classically amazing but then you mix it with a bite of the balsamic vinaigrette dressed salad and it was thee perfect bite.My delicious breakfast. Oh yeah, I put Sriracha on it :)

It was all actually quite awesome sitting under the bridge, listening to the little waves roll and that hollow sound of the cars driving over us, eating nomnom food and drinkin beer. May have to do it again sometime.