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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Weekend 2012, Tasty Balls and Other Good Stuff


Top - Salchi Pappas from Que Rico Columbian Food 3 a.m.
It's crinkle cut fries topped with deep fried hotdogs, 3 sauces, and melted cheese. A drunkard's dream come true.

Bottom left - my first attempt at Matzo Ball Soup. Saffron chicken stock with spinach matzo balls. Tim loved the broth but not the balls. I thought the balls were some of the most flavorful balls I've ever had.

Bottom right - the Miss Piggy from Yum-mi Sandwiches with Spring Rolls and Thai Tea. The Missy Piggy has caramelized pork belly, lettuce, tomato, and the typical Bahn Mi veggies on it. It was good but I've had better Bahn Mi.


Clockwise from top left -

Vodka soaked gummy bears.
They taste just like jello shots but stronger and bear shaped. And easier to make. And then you can drink the gummy bear flavored Vodka when all the bears are gone.

Some f*cking drink our server at Sonoma convinced me to get. I ordered the Perfect Pair but she said this drink made from Gin was sooooo much better. Really? I haven't drank Gin since 2008 because I hate it so much. Then came another 3 minutes of convincing me to get it instead. You think I can drink Gin and not vomit? You're on!
It was ok. I didn't throw up right there on the table so that was a plus but then when we got our check that stupid Gin martini was $11.50!! No wonder why she wanted me to get it so bad.

Some shots I don't remember at Eye Spy.

Recovery Shots - Vodka and Monster Recovery. They really do help after a night of pickling your liver. A little bit of hair of the dog and milk thistle. Mmmm.