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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A weeks worth of food, drinks, and shenanigans

First of all this blog post was titled "a months worth of food, drinks, and shenanigans" but that was like two weeks ago. Just thinking about blogging about a month and two weeks worth of that shit was a bit overwhelming. So it's now a weeks worth. This makes me feel better.

Sunday, April 24th
We went to The Milkbar for some afternoon beverages. Krista recommended my first sour beer, Duchesse de Bourgogne. I actually liked it a lot and her description of it was perfect. She said it kind of tasted like balsamic vinegar. It did. But with beer. It's not a beer I would drink more than one in one sitting, but I would definitely have it again.
Then we went to Wildside to try their Lamb Burger. It was good, but this is something I wouldn't order again. Definitely lacked the wow factor.

Thursday, April 28th
Tim and I went to The Shipyard. It was his first time, my second. I must admit this time wasn't as awesome as my first. The first time I went I had the Lobster Bisque and it seriously was going down on my list of best soups. The second time I had it it wasn't as good. I don't know why. Tim had The Fork and Knife Meatball Melt. It was good, but the meatball sub I had from The Crooked Spoon a few weeks ago was better. I'll talk about that in a later post.
Then we went to The Imperial for the first time. Super cool bar and I especially loved the outside seating area. It was fun to walk around with a delicious beverage and look at all the neat furniture....but that lasted about 10 minutes then we got bored.

Friday, April 29th
Tim and I went to Redlight Redlight to have another delicious beverage and check out Big Bruno's Bites. That dude rules. And so does his food. I had the organic beef hot dog and a fried Oreo. Then we went downtown and bounced around our usual spots. Sky60, Eyespy.....I don't remember where else we went. I do remember stopping at the Big Wheel Truck and getting some post I-just-drank-a-lot munchies. I don't remember what it was called but it had pork belly, blue cheese, and wing sauce on it. Nomnomnom. I ate the other half at work the next day. It saved me.

Sunday, May 1st
This was the day of The Daily City's Food Truck Bazaar #2. I already blogged about it.

Wednesday, May 4th
I spent it as I have every Wednesday for about the last three months. At the food truck pod at Firestone Live. I brought my mom this time. It was her first food truck event and she had a great time. I had the Mexican Burger from The Crooked Spoon that they did for Cinco de Mayo. It was aawweesssoommee! It definitely knocked someone off my top five burgers list. Which, btw, I need to revise. My mom had the Crooked Spoon burger and she said it was totally worth ruining her diet for. We also had some stuff from Big Wheel. The fried Risotto Balls were my fave.

Friday, May 6th
We went to Cityfish as usual. Then we went to The Milk Bar (again) and I drank a new beer called Maduro by Cigar City. And by new I mean new for me. It was a great, brown beer. Then we decided to try out The Social Chameleon for the first time. That place is awesome. It might even be a new little din din spot. Cute, small, and quiet. The outside seating area has that whole secret garden feel and the twinkle lights make it even better. And not to mention the food was delicious. We got the Naan bread with the Baingan Bharta sauce and the Meatloaf Pizza and added pepperoni on it as suggested by our server. That's a really, really, good pizza.

So that's it! Next week I'll write about how we got brunch and ate it under a bridge.