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Monday, November 15, 2010

why is it not ok to refridgerate tomatoes?

Don't ask me about the title to this blog. I couldn't think of one and that came down in the drop down thingy so I used it. Apparently I Googled it at some point and I'll be doing it again because I don't remember the answer.

Anyways, this blog is brought to you by the what seems like a hundred wedding and baby shower invitations (and one bachlorette party) I've received this year.

Besides all my bitterness and eye rolling I am secretly envious. Maybe not so much about the baby part, but the wedding part. For a couple reasons. One. For the couple getting married the entire day or weekend revolves around them. I am kind of jealous of the spotlight. And two and the obvious, the connection between the two. I find myself very bitter and resentful at weddings that they have found their soul mate and partner-in-crime.

One thing I am not envious of is the wedding planning. I have watched several friends over the last few years have nervous breakdowns during their wedding planning. One of my best friends, Kelly, told me after her wedding, "just elope." Despite all my jealousy I am hopeful that one day I'll get married. I don't think I would ever elope but I definitely don't want to plan a full-on wedding. I just want a big party. My only requirement is that it be on or near a beach with a sunset, that there is food and an open bar, and that someone, it doesn't even have to be a DJ, is playing a play list that I made. Just come celebrate the fact that I found someone awesome and can stop dating douchbags.

p.s. - There will also be breakfast and Bloodys served around sunrise for those still standing.